As luxurious and textured as I knew it would be. I was scratching my head to recall an article about Camus we'd shared in our musings a while back ... I found it in the School of Life:


A beautifully-written trail of breadcrumbs ... oh, and a spark of curiosity that has me poking around in Substack to see if there's a place for Encouragement Farm to share ideas and words.

Love it. Knew I would; so glad to see it emerge.


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This has been a very fine start to my week. A lovely selection of pieces and I'm so glad that more of your writing will be winging its way to my in-box soon.

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Ahh - lovely words Matt, as always. Camus writings are amongst the very few remaining battered paperbacks from my teenage years, still vying for space on the ever-overcrowded bookshelves. Yet I can barely remember them now. You’ve inspired me to re-read. Looking forward to seeing more from you. x

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Dear Matt,

It is a complete joy to read your words once more.

Thank you.

With love and respect,

Anna x

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I love seeing and reading your words again, and I'm especially pleased this newsletter shares the title of your lovely blog from (not so many?) years ago. Looking forward to more! Mary-Colleen

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An excellent first Fragment Matt. Penguin Modern Classic stuffed in my Oxfam overcoat, The Cure playing on my Walkman, I read Camus as an angst ridden young adult. You’ve reminded me to read it again.

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